Wizfi250 host name ?

Is it possible to set a host name on a wizfi250 ?


Hi, AO74 !

You mean,
When WizFi250 is set as an AP mode, is it possible to set a AP name?
Could you explain in detail ?


Hello Tom,
If I understand well AP mode creates a WIFI net work ?

What I want to is that my equipemnt join an existing Wifi network managed in DHCP.
I dont want to have a special IP adresse but a unique name “POINT_01”.
So when my equipement is adressed it’s with his own name :
ping POINT_01 ( not ping

I must be in STA Mode, is it possible to give name to my equipement.


Hi :slight_smile:

From what I know, there is no way to give a name to your device in STA mode.

Is there a special reason to give a name?


Hello Tom,

Thak you for your answer.
May be there is some thing that I do not understand betwen STA and AP mode.

My need is to connect a device on an existing WIFI network.
My device must be adressed by a PC through WIFI and WIZFI interface.
The classic method is to set a fixed IP to my device.

The problem is that I have to ask a fixed IP to the customer.
So it would be easyer to give a unic name at each device and adress my
devices using there own name (it’s the job of the DHCP serveur to give
the corresponding IP adress).

Hi! :slight_smile:

→ I Think you’ll understand when you look at the picture below.


→ You mean, your environment is like this?

 Environment: WizFi250(STA) ---- AP ----- PC   
 and You want to control a WizFi250 with your PC.

When you use a WizFi250 as a STA mode, WizFi250 can get a dynamic IP(192.~) from AP using DHCP.

→ I am sorry though, from what I know there is no way to give a special name to a WizFi250(STA).

If you hava a question, please ask ! :slight_smile: