Wiz110sr problems

  1. i bought 3 wiz110sr adapters and only one matches it’s mac address in the wiznet config tool to the mac number listed on the sticker on the reverse side of the adapter, why is that? the odd thing is on both of the bad ones the mac numbers read the same in wiznet tool and the third reads as printed on the back.

  2. is there any way to fix this, if so how? if not how do i get them replaced because they are no good to me this way?

thank you

Please let me know all 3 MAC addresses on the sticker and MAC addresses read by config-tool.

MAC on sticker

  1. 00:08:DC:1B:86:70

  2. 00:08:DC:1B:86:71

  3. 00:08:DC:1C:40:AB

On the stickers it’s difficult to tell if 8’s are B’s or B’s are 8’s. I did my best

MAC on config tool

  1. 00:90:BC:00:CF:46

This number is the same on two of them

There is no way to modify the mac address of WIZ100/105/110SR.
You need to request RMA.
Please contact seller.
They will tell you procedure to request RMA.

Thank you. I will contact seller and arrange for return or exchange.