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Burn data block using W7500_ISP tool.


i’m burning the W7500x using the ISP tool provided via tutorial, and i’m successfully burning the code blocks. But for my actual application, would be interesting to burn also the data blocks (Data 0 and Data 1), but i’m getting errors like “ERROR MASS ERASE 7” and “[ERROR] Write DAT0”. Has anyone encountered these problems, or knows how to get rid of it?

Thank you in advance.


Thank for interesting W7500x.
I think Code memory or Data memory of W7500x is already locked. So ISP tool print ERROR MASS ERASE 7.
In order to solve this problem, I want to know lock information of your W7500x.
So can you show me the your ISP tool information?


thank you for replying. How can i provide the information that you request?

You just capture the ISP tool after connect serial.
And If you possible, I want to control on your PC using remote desktop as Team Viewer.
So If you tell me your possible time, I will contact you.

Thank you.

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