WIZVSP Serial Ports Hanging HOBOware 3.7.13


While setting a WIN 10 PRO PC with WIZVSP I have found it is causing another datalogging pgm, HOBOware 3.7.13, to crash when I try to open it. If I create virtual serial ports in WIZVSP (using COM 13) the HOBOware pgm crashes when I attempt to use it Preferences feature under the FILE menu item. I suspect the HOBOware pgm is attempting to interface with the Virtual Com ports and fails tragically.

HOBOware download link:

Email me for the serial number to enable the PRO level of HOBOware if you can’t replicate the issue with the trial version of HOBOware.

HOBOware crash message


Will post additional images in further posts.

Hi, couellet.

As a result of our tests, the HOBOware clash problem you mentioned has been reproduced.

The cause of this problem is estimated to be the version update of WIZVSP core for Windows 10 support. (HOBOware works well in Windows 7 + WIZVSP v1.6.x environment.)

We will deliver this issue to the core developers of the WIZVSP program. If we have an update on the progress of the problem, we will let you know through this post.

Hi any update?

What’s happening???