[WIZ750SR] Power LED does not light up. (The power does not on)

WIZ750SR, WIZ750SR-100, WIZ750SR-105, three products use 3.3V voltage.
If you are using a 5V / 1A or 2A adapter, you will need an interface board with a 5V to 3.3V conversion LDO.

Therefore, all products using 3.3V have EVB separately. There is a 5V input 3.3V output LDO built in the EVB.

The WIZ750SR-110 has an internal LDO, which can be used by connecting a 5V / 1A or 2A adapter.

If the power LED does not light up, you may suspect the following:

  • When 3.3V is applied with jumper cable,
    1. Please check if the power is normal. (Check VCC, GND connection)
      a. If you touched the board and it is too hot, there is a good chance you have connected VCC and GND in reverse.
      b. Make sure that the VCC and GND pins are correct and reconnect.
      c. If the power LED still does not light up, the board may be damaged.
      d. Please send A / S.
  • When using EVB,
    1. Please check if the power adapter is 5V 1A or 2A.
    2. Make sure that the port of the power adapter matches the DC-JACK attached to the EVB.
    3. Make sure that the power adapter is properly connected.
      a. If the LDO of the EVB is too hot, it is possible that the component is defective.
    4. Please check if power switch is ON.
    5. If the power LED still does not light up, please send A / S.