Wiz750sr-rs232 interface silab 8051 rs232

Hello . Connected silab C8051F340 to Wiz750sr-rs232 using uart interface. Using SDCC 8051 C serial rs232 . New to wiz750sr , got any example (any mcu) with c serial library interfacing to wiz750 ? Looking to WIZ750SR Command Manual but not much example ? Does Wiznet got any application note example of mcu interface to wiz750 rs232 with code c example ?

For the MCU, the WIZ750SR serial to Ethernet module is the same as the device connected to the UART peripheral. Once the network settings are set up properly, you can send and receive Ethernet data via the UART.

You can find the WIZ750SR user’s guide and Datasheet at the link below. :slight_smile: