107SR - Keeps dropping an open connection....


107SR, Firmware 4.03
Have configured, and it works fine from power-up.
Status is OPEN, and I can talk to it remotely.

Problem is that if I leave it alone for more then an hour or so, the 107 drops the active connection, and the module goes back to CONNECT status. I cannot re-establish connections to it from that point on. The 107SR actively refuses connection attempts.

If I cycle power off and then on again, it comes back on-line with OPEN status - until the next time.

Inactivity timer is zero, which should mean that the module never drops an open connection to the network and is always there and available.

Static IP in 192.168.1.x, port 5005.

Any suggestions?

I THINK I have worked this one out - I am testing a theory. I was making a connection, then disconnecting my terminal software - all that is fine.

However, with the inactivity timer set to zero, the 107SR was maintaining the last good connection forever - even thought there was nothing going on with it.

I have set the disconnection timer to 300 seconds(five mins), and will wait and see. I expect that now, the connection will be dropped after five mins of no activity, and then the status will return to OPEN.

Do I have that right?

Yes, now connections are kicked out after five mins, and the status returns to OPEN. :grinning:

You can delete this thread if you like. :blush:

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Great! :slight_smile: