[WIZ750SR] I can not firmware upload (Configuration tool)

The code structure of WIZ750SR is divided into Boot code and App code.
The boot code has a minimum initialization setting value, and the actual operation code is implemented in the App code.
Therefore, the firmware that can be downloaded with the configuration tool is the App code.

Please refer to the list below for how to download the App code in the configuration tool.
Please also note that you will need to download the firmware from the configuration tool in the search state.

  1. Check if WIZ750SR power is ON.
  2. In the Configuration tool, verify that the product is displayed after Search (Broadcast).
  3. Click the “Upload” icon at the top of the configuration tool
  4. Select the firmware to download (App.bin)
  5. When the firmware download is complete, a message will be displayed as shown below.

If you can not download the firmware, please try the following method.

  1. Make sure that the IP address of the PC is the same as the IP address of the product.
    a.To check the IP address of the PC, you can set it by accessing the Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center - Changing the adapter settings - Local Area Connection - Properties - Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4).
  2. User must! The PC’s IP address and the product’s IP address must match the same bandwidth. ex) PC (, product (
    a. Power off and then on again to search and download the firmware.
    b. Change the IP address, Gateway, and try again. ex)

how to make hard reset on Wiz750SR ?

WIZ750SR already has Hardware reset pin to 5pin of J1.
Please refer to below link.