[WIZ750SR] How to use serial command mode?

How to use Serial command mode in WIZ750SR is as follows.

How to use Serial Command mode

  1. For more information on how to use the serial command mode, please refer to the User’s manual of the link below.
  2. The message format type is “MC $ 0d $ 0a” and you can send the message using the serial cable.

Also, There are two ways to connect from WIZ750SR to Serial command mode as follows.

Access via software.

  1. In order to connect in Serial command mode by software, it is first necessary to check whether Serial command is enabled in Configuration tool.
  2. If the function is enabled, send “+++” data via serial cable and switch to AT command mode.
    If you want to change the access code, you should change the “Serial command mode switch code”. (ex.2B 2B 2B)

Access via Hardware.

  1. To connect to the serial command mode with Hardware, set the DSR pin (pin 8) of J1 to Active low and hardware reset. Then, you can initialize and connect to AT command mode.
  2. If using with WIZ750SR-EVB, you should set slide switch SW3 to the Command side (HW_TRIG pin).