[All S2E Module] What kind of has communication modes?

It basically explains to Serial to ethernet.
Ethernet communication modes has TCP Server / TCP Client / TCP Mixed / UDP mode of Serial to Ethernet.

  1. TCP Server

    • TCP Server mode sets the product to TCP server and waits for a connection from the Client. (listen mode)
    • If you think easily, you can think that you are waiting for the other person’s call.
  2. TCP Client

    • TCP Client mode is set the product as TCP client, and try to connect using the IP address and port number of the TCP Server you want to connect.
    • If you think easily, it is the act of calling the other party.
  3. TCP Mixed

    • TCP Mixed mode is available in both TCP server / TCP client mode.
    • When a connection request comes from a TCP client, it acts as a TCP server. If there is a TCP server to connect, it acts as a TCP client and connects to the TCP server.
  4. UDP

    • UDP mode is different from TCP communication. In other words, It different the operation of protocol.
    • Unlike TCP, it is a protocol that does not require the concept of connection request and connection.
    • UDP simply sends the same data to all physically connected networks by specifying the IP and port to send data to.
    • Then all the PCs or products that are physically connected receive the data and check if they are self-data. If their IP and PORT are different, they do not receive data. If the IP and PORT match their own, they will accept the data.
    • That is, if you throw data that is not a connection concept to everyone who is connected, everyone is in the form to check if they are their data and if so, take them.

Please refer to the link below for further explanation.