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Unexpected command mode

Hi, I have the problem with unwanted switching WizFi to command mode when I want transmit bytes in data mode.
This situation happen when I must send “+++”.

It’s possible to lock entering to command mode?

Hi, Mateusz!

I am aplogize for late…!!

Please tell me more specifically test scenario you experienced.
And then I can figure out the problem.


I test the problem and this is not change from data to command mode. Just WizFi stops transmitting data and I don’t know why.

I transmit many bytes of data (not only ASCII characters). I have often a situation WizFi module stops communication and I must reset device.

It’s possible that bytes (0x00 - 0xFF) which I transmit to module can switching off WizFi transmission?

My configuration (AP mode):

  • AT+WSET=1,[ssid],08:00:DC:11:22:33,[channel]
  • AT+WSEC=1,WPA2,[password]
  • AT+WNET=1,[ip],[netmask],[gateway]
  • AT+SCON=O,TSN,[port],1

Hi ! Mateusz_Baczewski

From what I know, we are figuring out and trying to solve the ‘unexpecting switching data mode to command mode’ problem.

I apologize for any inconvenience.
I’ll let you know when it fixed!!


You know when software upgrade will be available?

Hi ! Mateusz_Baczewski !

i am apologize for late response.

Can you check it is right?

when you use a WizFi310 as a TCP server(data mode), you have no idea when it stops though, WizFi310 sometimes stops to send a data to TCP client.

–> How many bytes you send?

–> You mean, Do you want to turn off a Wi-Fi transmission using (0x00 ~ 0xFF) ?

If you attach a full log, that will be helpful to figure out!



I notice that WizFi stops transmission at unexpected moment. Oscilloscope show signal at module RX line then I think it’s WizFi problem. LED diode still show WizFi data mode.

I send approximately 100 bytes in each second.

I don’t want to turn off Wi-Fi transmission. I reflect it’s possible that sending bytes make transmission stops.

I don’t know which logs I can send you.

Hi, Mateusz_Baczewski!

Do you have spare WizFi310?

I want you to test using other WizFi310.

–> I mean, the AT command set or MCU debug log. The reason that I asked the log is I wanted to test with same scenario as you did!

if you just send approximately 100 bytes in each second, there was no reason to be turned off.

Also, 0x0d means CR(Enter key) !

I want you to attach AT command set that you used to figure out the problem!! :slight_smile:


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