Unable to send Data Continuous TCP in W5500

I have to send data strings of 60 to 70 bytes one after the other(100 strings in one second) in TCP Server mode. On sending ’ RUN’ from Client only one string is sent. I am using W5500 controlled by ATMega128. Using Hercules Terminal as the Client. TX Buffer is declared for 2048 bytes.

RUN initiates timer to send 100 strings/second but stops after only one string sent. on RUN again- only one string again. Diagnostic thru RS232 indicates 100 initiation but send(0,buffer,strlen(buffer)); fails to send data.

What am I supposed to look out for to enable the data transmission, string after string ?

Thanking you.

You must share related code, and tell us how send() fails to send data. I guess it returns some value? You also must check if all input arguments to the send() are valid, and that you call next send() only after previous is completed.