Ethernet is NOT Enable after reboot

WIZ750-RS485 borad ethernet is disable after reboot of module even it is in the same network. when ethernet is pluged out and pluged in again that time it is enable and working fine but i had to do that manually please suggest so that ethernet port is remain Enable after reboot.

Hi, @Bhushan_Mengale.

What is the exact meaning of ‘ethernet disable’?

Please give more details. (firmware version, test procedure, etc.)
If you have any debug messages, attach them together.

Thank you.

Thanks for reply.
Required details is as follows -

  1. Firmware version - 1.2.1
  2. Test procedure - just reboot WIZNET WIZ750-RS485 board and then search board connection on tool “WIZnet S2E Configuration Tool v0.2.3” but not detected on network but after removing ethernet from port and again plug ethernet cable then it enable and detected on tool.

it is simple connection testing. Using “WIZnet S2E Configuration Tool v0.2.3” tool.

Hi, @Bhushan_Mengale.

First, please update the configuration tool and WIZ750SR firmware to the latest version and test.
Especially, since the config tool is still in beta, it is constantly updated. (It will be updated to the official version soon.)

Please refer to below links.

Please answer if the same issue occurs in the new version.

Thank you.