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Config Tool can not find wiz110SR board on Windows10 laptop

I’ve just acquired a WIZ110SR board but I was unable to get the configuration tool to find the board with the search function when running it via a wired LAN connection to a Window 10 laptop. This included:

Turning off the Wifi
Turning off the Windows Defender firewall.

Both these actions have been recommended in other posts about the WIZ110SR.

My conclusion is that something else on Windows 10 besides the firewall is blocking or interfering with UDP broadcasts.

I have a work round that does allow you to find the board under Windows 10. This relies on one big assumption - that all WIZ110SR boards have the same factory defaults.

First step is to find out what the factory defaults on my board were. This is a side step just to get this knowledge which hopefully others can use. Running the config tool on a Windows XP machine (even with the XP firewall active) does allow the “Search” function to find the board and display its MAC address. So on XP the UDP broadcast used to find the board is not blocked. I was able to verify that settings on the board could be changed and by performing a factory reset the values changed back. This gives me confidence that I now know what the factory default values are.

1) Preforming a factory reset

    a) Short the two solder pads on the "SW1" marked part of the
         board - *before* the board is powered
    b) Power the board
    c) Wait until the board boots (I just counted to 10 to be sure) 
         and then remove the short
    d) As a check remove power and  add power back (no short now)

    This should put the board back to initial factory state.

2) The default values (at least on my board):

        Serial Debug: ON
        Static IP:         ON 
        Local IP:               Port: 5000
        Server IP:               Port: 5000
        Operation mode: Mixed

        Speed:               57600
        Data bits:           8
        Parity:               None
        Stop bit:            1
        Flow:                 None

        Inactivity time: 0
        Data packing conditions:  Time: 0  Size: 0  Char: 00(hex)
        Password TCP: OFF
        Serial config:  OFF

Now with this information I was able to get the WIZ100SR config tool to find the board on my Windows 10 laptop by doing the following.

  1. Turn off wifi
  2. Via the Windows Control Panel select “Network and Sharing Center” select your wired LAN connection and (temporary) change this to fixed IP and give it an IP address (subnet mask, gateway - i.e. it must be on the same subnet as the WIZ110SR board. (If this isn’t done you will not be able to find the board - period)
  3. Turn on (check) the “Direct IP Search” box in the config tool and enter the boards factory default IP address
  4. Click the search button. You should see the MAC address of your board in the Board List

So in summary if a UDP broadcast search is not working for your computer the key bits to solve this are:

A) Do a factory reset of the board.
B) Know what the factory Local IP address is (hopefully all boards have the same)
C) Set the computers wired LAN to be on the *same* subnet as the board
D) Check the "Direct IP Search" and enter the board's default local IP address
E) Click the "Search" button

Thank you for your advice.

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