110sr cannot find in board list HELP PLEASE

110sr is connected directly to my router, this is my second unit as i thought something was wrong with the first. Using configurator tool to search an nothing shows up on board list . firewalls are shut off on PC.

Please advise have very important project to complete on Monday

Hi, Sorry for the late reply.

In most cases, this occurs by using different network configurations at the same time. In this case, you should change the other network configuration to “Disable” in the Network Adapter Configuration Tool.

And please refer to the link below.

Hi all,
I’ve also this trouble but it was solved by using first the netstat tool so in a command line with Administrator right write:

netstat -a -b

look what process is listeting on the port 5000, in my case was a National Instruments process, so go into the process manager windows (services.msc into the command window) and the stop all the National Instruments process.
After that switch your local IP address to, subnet mask to and launch the tool (of course before did this be sure to have connected the LAN module port to the LAN port of your PC with a LAN patch cable ;-)).
Now you should be able to reach the module with the tool.

Hope it help.

Best regards