WIZ750SR only 10Mbps-half

I’m trying to get my WIZ750SR to link up at 100Mbps/full duplex, but it only ever seems to link at 10Mbps/half. It is connected to a Cisco 2950.

Is there a command I can enter to do this, or should I try forcing the port to 100/full?

Hi bdempsey64,

What firmware version of the WIZ750SR are you using?

For firmware versions prior to v1.1.0, there was a bug where the Ethernet link was fixed at 10M, but it was fixed in v1.1.1. Therefore, if you use the latest firmware, it will work well.

Since the WIZ750SR has various function changes due to the version update, if you are using v1.2.0 or earlier, please perform the firmware update through the W7500x ISP tool by the following guide below. (have to use WIZ750SRv1xx_incl_Boot.bin file for W7500x ISP tool)

Guide: WIZ750SR Flash Programming using WIZISP Tool

After the firmware update, please use the new configuration tool. New tools can be downloaded from the link below.

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That fixed it. Thanks. All working fine now.

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