1-to-many connection

Is the WIZ107SR module able to support 1-to-many connection? For example:

  • WIZ107SR acts as a TCP client, and communicate with multiple TCP servers.
  • WIZ107SR acts as a TCP server, and communicate with multiple TCP clients.

Hi, @kslam1980.
I’m sorry for the late reply.

For the S2E module, only support 1:1 connection. (all operation mode)

If you need to communicate with other modules in ‘CONNECT’ state,
you must disconnect the previous connection and communicate.

Hi Rena,

Is there any available modules that is able to support 1:many connection, with serial interface communicate with the host processor?

Thanks & Regards,

KS Lam


There are multi-port S2E modules.

2 port S2E modules:

  • WIZ752SR-120 (compatible with WIZ120SR S2E module)
  • WIZ752SR-125 (compatible with WIZ125SR S2E module)

4 port S2E modules:

  • WIZ140SR
  • WIZ145SR

Please refer to below links: