Wizfi line terminator character

Dear Everybody!

The line terminator character normally \r\n (CR+LF). According the documentation Wizfi can accept \r or \r+\n or \n as terminator. But.

If I send data for example AT+SSEND=0,10\r\n0123456789 then transmitted payload on a TCP socket is \n012345678.

This can be mean, for AT+SSEND command the line terminator must not be \r+\n.

So anybody can know the rules for?

Thanks for any advise, kzsolt2

Hi, Kzsolt2 !

→ Yes, I tested also. You’re right!

( ** $0d → \r, $0a → \n ** )

‘AT+SSEND=0,,5003,4,5000$0d$0a1234’ → payload is ‘$0a123’ and ‘4’ left.

AT+SSEND=0,,5003,4,5000$0d1234 → payload is ‘1234’.

I hope you it is helpful!