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SSEND response

Dear Everybody!

According the documentation response for AT+SSEND commands a simple [OK]. But on newest firmware ( the response is [s,n] [OK]. There s maybe the socket reference, n maybe number of the transmitted octet.

So anybody can know what is decoding of this field and how I can disable this message?

Thanks for any advise, kzsolt2

Hi, kzsolt2!


–> You mean, " [0,2047,5000] " this one can remove this message?
I am sorry though, from what I know there is no way to remove that message…


Dear Tom!

According my research ( fw) they have 3 separator “,” and 4 field.

Best Regards, kzsolt2

hi, kzsolt2

–> That is not a latest version!


I tested again though it is right.


Dear Tom!

But “Official Latest firmware release”.

I have no chance to use histor/Beta firmware.


Hi, kzsolt2,

I attached firmware download link below.

You can download latest firmware. And from what I know, there is no way to remove the message( [0,10,500] )


Dear Tom!

First you wrote response to SSEND is:

[0 , , , 2047,5000]

Then you wrote response to SSEND is:

[0 , , , 3]

This mean the first response is of firmware, the next is resonse for firmware

If yes then upgrade from 3.3 to 5.2 is make the MCU code useless, because the different number of the fields.


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