Wizfi250 missing

Dear Anybody!

Wizfi250 has an big advantage the SPI interface. But SPI itself has no capability to signal to host (e.g. by interrupt) if data arrived. Therefore SPI is useless, because host has no information if data arrived for example on socket.

Anybody know Wizfi250 interrupt or any feature to bridge this problem?

Thanks for any advise, kzsolt2

Hi, kzsolt2!

Can you check whether I understand right?

  1. Between WizFi250 and Host MCU are connected with SPI.
  2. WizFi250 has a socket connection.
  3. If WizFi250 get a data from socket,
  4. How host MCU can notice this data from socket?

I think (3) If WizFi250 get a data from socket, it sends to host MCU with SPI.(Because it is connected with SPI) And you should set SPI interrupt in host MCU.
And then, Host MCU can notice the data from socket.
Isn’t it right…?

Or what about using UART like above?


Dear Tom!

For example for wiz5500, the wiz net always a SPI slave, this host MCU always the SPI master.
In this configuration slave transfer data only if master request it.
Therefore wiz5500 have interrupt to signal for example “data revceived, pelase read it master”.

I think (becuse not specified) wizfi SPI act as slave like above.
In this configuration slave transfer data only if master request it.

In our board have uart and/or SPI transfer capability too.
At this moment I use uart.

But SPI can have big advantage, not require to reserve big transmit and receive buffer.
Moreover host can send and receive data if they have time for.
uart have no this capability.

best regards, kzsolt2

Hi, kzsolt2!

→ If you supposed to use UART, what about using UART interrupt ??

  1. WizFi250 and MCU are connected through UART.
  2. Set UART interrupt in MCU
  3. then, your MCU can notice from WizFi250 data!

Do I understand right?


Dear Tom!

For UART you do not need interrupt.

The received UART character itself an interrupt source (MCU internal).
Therefore if you use uart then you do not need interrupt.

But SPI has no this capability (slave have no chance to send data asynchrnously).

Maybe you think we can use UART as “interrupt lead” and all communication done using SPI?
This is not possible, beacuse according the documentation wifi250 autoselect communication channel.
If you communicate using UART then use this channel to send data.
If you communicate using SPI then use this channel to send data.
Therefore, if you select SPI then wizfi250 cannot send received data over UART (to generate “interrupt”).

Best Resards, kzsolt2