SSEND gap limits

Dear Everybody!

According Wizfi AT rules SSEND command is followed by data.

I recognize if the gap between SSEND command and its data is more than 256? bit then Wizfi break SSEND command and accept data of SSEND as next command (respond with ERROR: INVALID INPUT).

Anybody has information what is maximum size of this gap. How can I set it?

Thanks for any advise, kzsolt2

Hi ! :slight_smile: kzsolt2

→ You mean, how many data WizFi310 can send at once?

The tool that I use support 2047 bytes per line.
So, I tested WizFi250 acts as a TCP server(command mode) and sends to client 2047 bytes at ones. It works fine!:slight_smile:



Dear Tom!

Sorry no.

I use DMA for tramsmit.
If I copy AT+SSEND=…\r command and its data to one buffer and I send it with one DMA transfer, then it is works well.

But need few resource if I send command and its data separately.
For example:
AT+SSEND=…\r -DMA transfer-
[ssend data] -DMA transfer-

But between two DMA transfer has gap (time).
This can be measured in bittime.

If this time is longer than 256? bit, then wizfi abort the transmission, and accept ssend data as command.

Best Regards, kzsolt2