GPIO Digital Out On Reboot

Hi - when a WIZ750 module is rebooted all of the 4 GPIO lines which are set as “digital out” default to the same values (0 or 1). for example let’s say GPIOA,B,C and D are set to “digital out” and saved as 1,0,1,1 with the “SV” command. let’s say the last saved was GPIOD (=1). on reboot GPIOA,B,C,D will read 1,1,1,1 instead of 1,0,1,1.

in other words on bootup all GPIO digital out lines are set to the same value - either 0,0,0,0 or 1,1,1,1.

is there a way to fix this and allow us to save in the desired pattern?


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Hi phenningny,

As a result of our check, these are bugs related to the bit masking error of the user’s IO setting value store and read function in WIZ750SR firmware code.

Yes :slight_smile: I’ve attached bug fixed version firmware binaries. (pre-released ver.)
One binary is for update using configuration tool and the other one is for W7500x ISP tool.

Binary for Configuration tool (App only)
WIZ750SRv123dev.bin (40.9 KB)

Binary for W7500x ISP tool (AppBoot + App)
WIZ750SRv123dev_incl_Boot.bin (68.9 KB)

Since the WIZ750SR has various function changes due to the version update, if you are using v1.2.0 or earlier, please perform the firmware update through the W7500x ISP tool by the following guide below.

Guide: WIZ750SR Flash Programming using WIZISP Tool

After the firmware update, please use the new configuration tool. New tools can be downloaded from the link below.

Eric, thanks a lot! Depending on device we have either v1.2.1 or v1.2.2. Just confirming that these can be updated through the config tool properly? If need to update through the ISP that is OK just need to know.

Thanks again!

Thank you! The ISP install works very well!

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