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2 asynchronized app

we have 2 asynchronized client’s applications that create connection to the server.
once in a while, when 1 app is in the “disconnect process” the other app is coming in,
this situation stuck the W5500.
what can we do in order to release the device when this happens ?

Does the server code actually support multiple IP connections?

You must at least give more technical information about the issue.

I assume you use one W5500 to connect to server (not two devices). You must get, analyze yourself and provide log of the socket status changes. Then it would be good to have Wireshark logs with clear point in time when issue happens.

This is very vague. Explain what it means in detail. It may happen that your code driving W5500 misbehaves in situation you mention, not W5500 chip internals.

thanks for your response.
we have the same application running on 2 pc simultaneously,
one pc is the backup of the other one.
once in a while the W5500 is stuck because the situation I wrote before.
the only way to continue is to reset the W5500.
Attached the

in the problem situation.

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