How many times can we reset W7100A?

Dear Wiznet,

We are interested in W7100A. We have a product base on W7100A. Since in our country_Vietnam (in some area it’s quite often), internet connection is lost. In our program, we reset W7100A after a period of time, if there is no data received.

We want to know: How many times of resetting can W7100A endure?
Do you have a statistic about that? Can W7100A endure thousands of times of resetting?

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Dat Bui
Hanoi, Vietnam

Reset doesn’t effect lifetime of W7100A.

If action of reset writes flash, lifetime of W7100A is decreased. But not.

So you don’t need to mind.

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Dear hjjeon0608,

Thank you very much for your answer. :smiley:
Dat Bui
Living in Hanoi, Vietnam