W5500 w/ Code Composer Studio

I’ve created a board that connects a TI MSP430FR2633 to the W5500. Has anyone create code for TIs Code Composer Studio?
I found the ioLibrary example, however it has references to functions that are not included in the library. For example ioLibrary/Ethernet/W5500/w5500.c Line 77 Chip_SSP_WriteFrames_Blocking(LPC_SSP0, spi_data, 3); is not a defined function elsewhere in the library, and if I had to guess, the LPC-SSP0 refers to a pin for CSn, but it doesn’t really matter, as it’s not a defined function.
Anyhow – just wanted to know if someone had done the work before I get started.

I am using TMS320F28335 MC, and I think I will write my own lib.

Hi Mark

Any luck on this project. I am also in need of using this library interfacing W5100 or compatible with msp430fr family. Since you have already been into this, any of your suggestions would be beneficial for us.