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I’m currently working on a project [datalogger] which is based on STM32F103ZET6 micro-controller. In this project basically, I take some reading after the fixed interval of time from MODBUS device using UART[RS485] port and send them to the server application using TCP/IP protocol. At the moment I’m using QUECTEL LTE EC25 GSM module[which is also connected to UART port] for the following process. And now I want to send the same data “VIA ETHERNET” as well.
STM32F103ZET6 micro-controller contain 5-UART, 3-SPI, 2-I2C, USB 2.0, CAN(2.0B Active).Very soon I’ll make my own custom compact board, Hence I need a chip or IC [ not a module ] which can act as a converter between my STM32F103ZET6 micro-controller and ETHERNET switch [SERIAL TO ETHERNET]. in other words I just need a simple IC or chip which I can manually/automatically control, configure and program as per my requirement for the following project.

I recently came across some of the WIZNET ICs like W5100, W5500, W7500 which might fit in as perfectly as I need. but I’m not able to find out any support files or code files or a configuration file. All I’m getting is complete module configuration and commands. I need an example code or library to interface any suitable WIZNET’s IC with my STM micro-controller.

Sounds like you need to hire field application engineer who will understand what is required, how to connect the things to have eveyrthing right from the start.

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