Wiz550io SPI programming!


Dear Wiznet,
I am programming wiz550io with SPI interface using LPC1768(ARM Cortex M3) controller. I am trying to assign a static ip address. But i was not able to do it. The SPI interface is not performing the write operation.

        I am sure the SPI interface of the controller is working(checked with another SPI supporting device's code). The chip select, chip deselect, spi read and spi write function pointers of driver calls my spi functions only.  I am able to ping the device with the default ip address so this tells wiz550io is working. Provide me the suggestions about the things to be taken care before start of the writing. I

With Thanks,
Hari Babu T D.



First, I recommend that you will read from VERSIONR(Offset 0x0039) and verify it to 0x04.

If you failed to read & verify, show me your spi code as chip_select, chip_deselect, spi_read_byte and spi_write_byte.

thank you.



Thank you for the reply. I solved the issue 2 days back itself. The problem was in reset timing of the chip. Now i am able to assign an ip address. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


I am glad to slove your problem, too.

Thank you.