Wiznet110SR communication fail


I bought a Wiznet110SR to connect my serial device (RS232) over my local
network. Basically, I have an RS232 device and I connected it to the
Wiznet110SR. Then the Wiznet110SR is connected to a network switch using
the RJ45 cable. I was able to use the configuration tool (IP address is
via DHCP) and abled to ping the the Wiznet110SR. I also tried the device
terminal to test the serial to ethernet connection. This set up worked
However, when I use the WizVSP to create a virtual port, I’m having a
communication fail. I have a software for my RS232 device. And I used
the virtual port I created (e.g. COM2) using WizVSP for connection. But
I cannot create a connection. Can you suggest how to troubleshoot this
issue? Also I am trying to find a user manual for WizVSP but I couldn’t
find one. I am actually confuse on how to create the virtual port, i.e.
should it be a server or a client?

Hi Grace.

First, tell me your PC test environments such as window10 or 7?? and 32-bit or 64-bit??
Secondly, Run as an administrator to WIZVSP.

If it not work, please uninstall to WIZVSP. (You must use uninstall file to WIZVSP inside)
And you try to PC turns off and turn on again. Then reinstall WIZVSP use an administrator.

And refer to below link and file. It is WIZVSP user’s guide.

WIZ VSP_User_Manual_English.pdf (860.4 KB)

The operation things is refer to below explain.
You connect WIZ110SR to PC with WIZ VSP using LAN cable.
WIZ VSP is COM port(serial) to Ethernet converter tool.
So If you send to COM port with some data, this tool convert serial data to Ethernet data.
And IP of WIZVSP is your PC IP. and port of WIZVSP is 5000. Because you set 5000 port.
If you want connect WIZ110SR and WIZ VSP, you should connect to WIZ110SR(TCP client) to WIZVSP(TCP Server). Then It will be converted to COM20.

So, connect concept is (Serial port) – (WIZ110SR) – (Ethernet) – (PC with WIZ VSP).

Thank you