WIZ100SR module Mac Adress Failure


I have about 40 pieces WIZ100SR. They works in my circuits for 10 years. One of WIZ100SR while device working was broken last week. When I search at Config Tool , Its Mac adress seem FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF :frowning:
Its firmware version was 4.0. I did firmware update to 5.13 version. But stil mac address was wrong. How can I correct mac address ? Please help me .



I’m sorry to hear that. the flash memory in which the mac address is stored may broken.
Anyway, I will help you to change the mac manually.

Please refer to attached firmware and guide video.
wiz100sr_mac_change_v0514.zip (2.0 MB)

  1. Upload firmware v0514
  2. Turn off configuration tool - this is because you can not open the same port.
  3. UDP socket open in terminal program like ‘Hercules’
  4. Send command that is “MACC(old MAC)(0xff)(new MAC)” like this -> MACC$00$08$DC$11$22$33$ff$00$08$dc$44$55$66
  5. Check the massage that module responded
  6. Check the changed MAC address in the configuration tool and debugging messages.

Please try and notify to me the result.


Hi Ricky,
I tried your solution. Result is Succeed. :ok_hand: Thanks for your interest and support. :slight_smile: