Reported Name on network Curiosity Question

I’ve built myself a basic web server using Atmega2650 and a W5100 chip
Code doest NTP requests, and get ip from DHCP

I’ve use a MAC adress from a 3com NIC card I’ve trash recently , So I’m shure My mac is unique and valid, and shall not be linked at all to wiznet

Anyway , it all works , but my Peplink router report me the DHCP lease as folow: WIZnet042236 00:60:97:04:22:36

It is the right mac Adress , But how does my router fetch this name, and what is the 042236 meaning ?!?!?

Simple curiosity :slight_smile:

Nice product BTW
Thanks alot

First, WIZnet042236 means W5100 Mac address (00:08:DC:04:22:36 ) right?

If you use DHCP to obtain an IP address,router already knows W5100 MAC address.

Thanks. yes. i’m so dumb. the number are the end of the mac adress.

But how is my router knowing this is a wiznet device? The mac adress show in the mac adress ive put myself and it is comming from a 3com nic, A mac adress vendor OUI lookup give 3com as a result. not wiznet

first 6 characters of Mac address indicates the manufacturer. Because our bought the Mac Address(00:08:dc:00:00:00 ~ 00:08:dc:FF:FF:FF)from IEEE

I searched the Mac address through MAC address Lookup site