Reported Name on network Curiosity Question


I’ve built myself a basic web server using Atmega2650 and a W5100 chip
Code doest NTP requests, and get ip from DHCP

I’ve use a MAC adress from a 3com NIC card I’ve trash recently , So I’m shure My mac is unique and valid, and shall not be linked at all to wiznet

Anyway , it all works , but my Peplink router report me the DHCP lease as folow: WIZnet042236 00:60:97:04:22:36

It is the right mac Adress , But how does my router fetch this name, and what is the 042236 meaning ?!?!?

Simple curiosity :slight_smile:

Nice product BTW
Thanks alot


First, WIZnet042236 means W5100 Mac address (00:08:DC:04:22:36 ) right?

If you use DHCP to obtain an IP address,router already knows W5100 MAC address.