W5500 Heating

Hello ,
I have used W5500 in one of my production hardware on site. Now this hardware is getting heating without any reason. I have tried same in my office and come to know that this hardware is heated even with supply. Can you suggest to avoid this heating.

Tanmay Soni

W5x00 heats in any way, but it should NOT heat if you did not power it on.

If it does not communicate it does not mean chip not checking what is on the wire. So it functions and consumes power, unless you put PHY into power save mode.

I encountered a heat-related problem with the W5500 chip, where it stops functioning after approximately 5 minutes of operation. To resolve the issue, we implemented a cooling fan, which successfully eliminated the problem. However, our product does not have any built-in provision for installing a fan. Attached is the circuit diagram for reference. I would appreciate your suggestions on how to address this situation.

Implement hardware reset through your driving MCU using nRST pin after power up before you use the W5500 device (see datasheet for timing). It may not help, but it is the right thing to do.
Remove D11 to see if it helps.
Not sure how GND and AGND are connected in your device - really through the capacitor?
How ETH_CT is related to 3.3V power rail?


I checked the circuit and found something different from the reference circuit. You tied the CT and did GND treatment, but in the case of TX, you need to connect the CT to 3.3V. The offset value may be different, which may cause problems.

Please refer to the link below.
W5500 Reference Schematics