Ethernet module with Virtual Serial and TX RX DTR and RTS pins

Hello friends. I’m from Brazil, I’m not a programmer engineer of any microcontroller programming language. But I am an electronics technician and experience since 1995, I am also a designer of printed circuit boards up to double sided. I will still learn C programming for PIC in the near future!

I have a fitness gym software, for financial control and people access. And I have an electronic card developed 6 years ago by my former partner. This electronic board and software now integrate by serial port.

I searched the internet for an interface that has one side Ethernet connection and the other side Serial Connection, and create a VIRTUAL SERIAL PORT on Windows.

I need this conversion to Virtual Serial, I have the 2-RX 3-TX 4-DTR 5-GND 7-RTS pins. Pins 2 and 3 are for data. Pins 4 and 7, when my software sends a command to open one of the pins, these pins go from 0v to 5v for a certain time, for example 500ms, that’s all I need.

So I found WIZnet, with several models, that even has a software to configure the virtual serial port. However I did not understand, or I found a vague information, about whether or not it is possible to work with the DTR and RTS pins.

The most extraordinary thing that interested me, is that it has the modules ready and has the CHIP for purchase and I mount right here in my country. I found the price of the individual CHIP very attractive. Since I can easily design printed circuit boards, I would buy only the CHIP and mount here, in order to lower the cost.

Could you recommend me which module or CHIP is ideal? I would first buy the module, test it and then buy just the CHIP for me to produce here.
This module or CHIP of preference that already comes with its firmware, does not need no programming, only the configuration per application.

I’m waiting for answers.
Thank you all for the attention.
E. Rodrigo

Hi, Rodrigo

Can you briefly describe the connections of the devices that make up your application?

The following format is also recommended.

  • [PC] — serial — [Serial to Ethernet device] === Ethernet network === …

Among our products, WIZ750SR (serial to Ethernet module product) seems to be suitable for your application.

There is also a chip product called W7500P-S2E that pre-programmed chip of the WIZ750SR module firmware with the MAC address on the Arm cortex-M0 based SoC - W7500P MCU. These products support serial flow control options such as DTR/DSR and CTS/RTS.

The WIZ750SR module product is available in three types: TTL / RS-232 / RS-422/485.

It is recommended that you purchase and test an EVB kit for your application’s serial communication protocol (such as TTL or RS-232).