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2 serial to 1 ethernet implementation

I am trying to design a system/implement serial to Ethernet in a system. I found and have worked with the WIZ125SR in the last couple weeks. It is working very well for my application. For now we can integrate the entire dev board for a full system test/proof of concept. The end solution though is to implement with ICs directly into our main PCB design.

After further studying your products it looks like I can implement RS232 to Ethernet using the WIZ107SR schematic I found on the website. However, the WIZ125SR gives me two RS232 ports, the WIZ107SR only implements one RS232 port in the design. I could implement two of the WIZ7100A to be able to have two RS232 ports, however I’d rather implement the two-to-one functionality of the WIZ125SR into my system. Is it the W5100 or the ARM Cortex-M3 that handles the dual RS232 ports? Is the W5100 an upgrade on the W7100A? Any advice on how to implement the two RS232 to one Ethernet on my system PCB would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, bwynn

2-port serial to Ethernet products are not yet available as ICs. I recommend you WIZ752SR-120 products hardware pin compatible with WIZ120SR module.


I was buy WIZ752SR-120 yesterday.
Unfortunately the module it always returns to the factory settings after the power supply is disconnected.
Please help me,


Can you tell me more about your ‘getting started’ process?

Note that when you change the settings of serial to Ethernet module through the configuration tool, you must press the [Setting] button at the top of the config-tool program to apply the changed settings to the product.


When I was saved the settings for WIZ750SR-120.
The settings will be applied and the module will not automatically reboot.
However if the power supply is disconnected or I click the button reset, module always to the returns factory settings.
The module was tested for many tool version (0.5.0; 0.5.1; 0.5.2; 0.5.3; 0.5.4) and behaves the same for everythings version.
How many version firmware to WIZ752R-120?
Please help me,


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