Why does Wiznet W5300 IPRAW socket mode not recieve UDP/TCP packets?

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I am recieving RTSP/UDP video stream ethernet frames using wiznet W5300 in MACRAW mode. I want to recieve the same RTSP/UDP video stream using IPRAW communication of wiznet w5300 chip. When I open the 0th socket in IPRAW mode to receive UDP stream at IP layer I don’t see any packets in my RX buffer. In datasheet it is written that wiznet w5300 does not support TCP (0x06) and UDP (0x11) IP protocol numbers. Does that mean I can’t recieve UDP video stream at IP layer? Please explain me why IP layer does not receive UDP/TCP packets?


As you may already know, W5300 has UDP and TCP modes. So we decided to don’t receive UDP, TCP packets in IPRAW mode. If you want receive UDP packet, open socket in UDP mode.

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Hi~ As far as I know, if you want to use RTSP, you should use TCP. But RTP can use TCP or UDP selectively.
IPRAW data is composed of 6 byte PACKET-INFO and DATA packet. PACKET-INFO
includes sender’s information (IP address) and the length of DATA packet. So, if you use IPRAW mode, UDP packets encapsulated.

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Dear Irina

Thank you very much for your reply. No doubt IP layer packet does contain UDP data but hardwired TCP/IP protocol stack of wiznet w5300 does not allow to receive UDP packets using IPRAW communication mode. So I am not able to receive UDP/TCP packets in IPRAW communication mode.

Thank you for your reply. That helps a lot.