WIZ107SR and WIZ108SR that have died


I have bought 80 pcs of WIZ108SR and a few WIZ107SR.
They work fantastically, and I am very happy.
However a few of these have died, a couple during initial configuration (IP, baud rate etc) and a couple during normal use - (powered on each day, off each night).
The network and power lights do come on, it still draws the same amount of power, but the config tool can’t see them, and I can’t connect on the IP it has been configured to use.

Is there anything I may be doing wrong?, or that I can do to make these work again?

Thank you for your time.



This situation is too difficult to analyze why died.

Let’s this problem to solve together step by step.
I hope anybody who hava a good idea suggest and help to stevehps.


I wonder which modules are same or different whenever they died.
Can the died modules response to ping?


Dead modules don’t respond to ping, TCP connection or “ConfigTool” program.
With no ethernet connected they draw 245mA (Same as a good one)
With Ethernet connected, they draw 209mA (Same as a good one)

The green Ethernet LED stays on, and the yellow Ethernet LED blinks with Ethernet traffic (Again, same as a good one)
I have 73 of these powered up and working fine.
I have a pull up resistor on pins 4 and 6 (/Reset and /Factory_reset)
I have tried pulling down factory reset (Ethernet link comes down and then up again 2 seconds later) so that side of things still seems to work. Just no actual data on the ethernet side.



I think you’d better return your module to distributor for RMA process.