WIZVSP Ver 1.9.0 has stopped working on Windows 10

Hi all, i have a WIZ125SR module and it worked very well with WIZVSP until yesterday when pc has been updated. I have 2 virtual ports created with this software and now i can’t open the communication in any of these and if i try to delete and create a new port, a message “cannot add the defined connection” appears. In the pc there is Windows 10 Pro x64 and i always run software as administrator.

I have the same problem.

Windows version : Microsoft Windows Pro x64 1803 [Version 10.0.17134.191]

I solved the problem. In the download page of WIZVSP, in description, there is yet the “2017. 04. 28” version, but if you redo the download, there is the “2.0.2_R2” version that work correctly with last update of Windows.

Thanks, redownloaded, and it seems work.