No ethernet connectivity


I made a W5100S ethernet interface board. I config the chip only there is no ethernet activity.
I used the reference design. and checked the clock, power. Every on the hardware side seems ok.
We used the wiznet provided library. But no luck on any ethernet activity on the bus.
So any suggestion what we can check/verify what the problem maybe?


One other thing: The chip always indicate that the cable is connected even if it is not.

Edit: one imported thing to note: I’m interfacing the W5100S with 5V data signals. On the first page of the datasheet it says it is 5V tolerant but can’t find it any detail in the datasheet.

How do you know that? LEDs, registers? If it is really the case, then you must have made mistake in your board, and “hardware side” is having trouble.

Did you make exact copy of reference design, or changed some components (e.g MagJack)?

Share your actual circuit diagram.

Solved!! connector

We will appreciate if you can exmplain your solution (and elaborate on the issue) in more detail so that others having similar one can solve theirs.