cannot established socket

i am trying to change the ip address of w5500 chip and the ip wont change. stays every time i read it.
moreover i cannot established socket stuck in this command.
while(getSn_SR(sn) != SOCK_ESTABLISHED){};

i assume because of the ip ???
any suggestions

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in addition i want to check the version of the chip via scope, this is look reasonable?

don’t pay attention to the noise i am checking this problem

As you provide no details how you do it, I suspect you write to wrong registers when updating the IP address. I think you will need to reopen already open sockets to make the change effective, but I am not sure.

Do you have any idea what the status you get when it is stuck? Your code is flawed, socket may have many other states after you request it to connect.

Because you set something wrong in W5500 registers, or perform something wrong on the socket.

Please refer to W5100 datasheet, it has very good explanation of managing sockets in chapter 5.

What is this? You did not provide signal names, what exactly you expect to see, and what we should check it against.