WIZ1000 - Factory Default and usage


I recently got 2 WIZ1000, and I am struggling a bit.
I made an error in the DNS configuration, and now the WIZ1000 only displays “> DNS query: fail”.
I cannot search, nor connect to the WIZ1000 although I know the IP address. (the IP actually replies to ping)

So how can I reset the WIZ1000 to “factory defaults” so I can start again?

I tried pressing the reset button “short” (just “click”) and also longer (about 10 seconds) and “quite long” (about 60 seconds) and nothing works to set the WIZ1000 to factory defaults.




  • factory reset :
    WIZ1000 don’t have factory reset operation.
    If you want to operate to factory information, you should be upload the firmware.

If module doesn’t have valid network information, Direct IP search is not available.
Check if module is connected to the NAT or private network. If so, it is not possible to connect to the module from outside.


Hello Irina,

Thanks for the feedback.

As stated, the issue is, i made a mistake in the DNS entry and I am getting constant:

DNS query: fail
DNS query: fail
DNS query: fail
The Wiz1000 is “so busy” with this that the “Wiz1000 configuration tool” does not get access to the device.
Is there a key combination or command (that i can give through the RS232 console) to stop this DNS search?
I know the IP address and the credentials, so if this constant DNS querying would just stop I should be able to amend.
The unit reacts to ping, so I can reach it, but that is about all.

The latest WIZ1000 does not allow to enter a fixed IP address, so it relies on “discovery only”. And the discovery simply does not work with the “DNS query: fail”.

Hope you can help me.

Many thanks,