How can we be sure that a socket may be closed ?


dear team,

it seem that when the W250 module is not too much stressed, i can close a TCP client socket as soon as i have send all data. in that case, the socket is right closed when i send the AT+SMGMT=x (x num of the socket).

but when the module is highly used (TCP server is running, and some other client sockets are running), if i try to close one of the client socket immediately after sending the data, i receive some [ERROR: INVALID INPUT] message.

is there any way to check the status of a specific socket ? if not, a new AT command may be useful !?
something like AT+SMGMT=x? will return if the socket “x” can be closed ? if all data are send …?

or i can ask differently :

  • we send AT+SEND=X,Y (send Y data on the socket X)
  • we send Y data
    ==> when we receive the OK, does it mean that ALL data are really send and we can close the socket X ?

W250 firmware :

thanks, regards