Is W5100S module available?


Hello WiZnet,
I was using W5500 to make realtime EtherCAT master for Raspberry pi. It seems to me that your new chip W5100S is very promising to improve performance. I am quite eager to test this chip, do you provide any module type like WIZ812MJ for W5100S?


Evaluation board is here.


I am looking for a module type, like WIZ812MJ, not an EVB. I will connect module with my own board. Seems it is not available this time.


Sorry, you are right. Hopefully will be available soon!


The module type included W5100s will release by Sep-end.


Hello, how long time release w5100s modules? thanks



I’m sorry about the late release.
The module type included W5100s will release by Dec-end.
Please just hold on a little longer.


We almost finished production of WIZ810Sio and WIZ810MJ.
WIZ810MJ has memory bus interface and it will be the best fit to you, I think.
Technical material and document are almost ready and its web page will be opened next week.
You can purchase the sample of it on our online shop or via your local distributors after then.

Thank you.




WIZnet released new modules having W5100S.
Please refer to below links.

Thank you.