Control WizFi630A through serial port

Hello, Everyone!

I own both the WizFi630 and WizFi630A and their respective evaluation boards and I was able to get both to work and to use their web interface for configuration, as illustrated on the manual.
However, my aim is to configure the module through the use of a microcontroller connected through the serial port, I started doing some tests with a PC through the rs232 port and I was able to control the WizFi630 through the serial commands written on the Serial Command Guide.
My actual candidate for the project is the WizFi630A, reading the documents related to it I noticed they don’t deal with the “configuration through serial” part like the ones about the WizFi630 do, I deduced it might be because the two modules don’t differ in that aspect but the only thing I could manage to do with the WizFi630A’s serial port is using the openWrt’s shell, which is not of my interest as the module needs to be configured through a microcontroller, is there a way to do it with the WizFi630A?

I hope you will help me solve this problem and point me to the necessary resources to use the WizFi630a in my project.

It’s been 18 days since I wrote this post and still can’t find a way to configure the Wizfi630A through AT commands.
The datasheet for the WizFi630A clearly says: “not only serial devices but 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers can also use UART for simple Wi-Fi settings.”, is this done through AT commands or are there any other methods?
I also gave the OpenWrt guide a shot but it doesn’t seem to talk about OpenWrt/microcontroller communication.

In my project, WizFi630A is controlled and configured over a serial port. I used the WizFi630 Serial Command Guide for setup.