W5500 passive PoE reference circuit

I want to use W5500 with passive PoE on RJ45 spare pins 4,5,7,8.
Is there a recommended circuit from Wiznet for this case ?
Thank you!

You give insufficient requirement details.

I think WIZnet did not give any explicit recommendations on PoE, but there’re a number of projects out there, for example the one related to this question.

Thanks for reply.
I think this circuit Mag Jack and PoE - #2 by CristianM is what i need.
On the Wiznet reference design http://wizwiki.net/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?cache=&media=products:w5500:w5500_sch_v110_use_trans_.png
transformer center taps on RJ45 side are connected to CGND through 75R and 4.7nF cap.
Pins 4,5 7,8, 3,6 are connected through R13–R20 to CHGND.
What is the need for such design ?