Serial Data not forwarded to LAN in UDP mode

Data on LAN side shows up on serial, but serial data does not show on LAN side in UDP mode (which is the mode of interest for my project).
Appreciate any insight.

Update - THe serial to Udp works only if the serial packing time is set to 0 in the Config tool. Any non zero number stops the serial to udp forwarding.

What module products are you using?
Please also provide us with the firmware version.

WIZ750SR-110 with FW ver1.2.4

Hi grama

I tested your opinion.
We test was good. It was working.

please refer to below image.


Thank you for testing.

But could you re-run the test with the timeout between 50-100ms instead of 5000?

I have a small packet that will be sent. So I don’t want the Wiznet unit to wait for 5 seconds.



Hi Grama

I already tested 50~100ms. it was working.
Please firmware re-upload in board.

After re-upload in board and If it is don’t work, please update to ISP mode using J7 connector.
refer to below link (WIZ750SR-100 datasheet)