Using W7100-S2E Non-Transparent mode

I am going to replace Connect one chip CO2064 with W7100-S2E in my projects.
Because connect one declare end of life to this chip.
I already got WIZ107SR-EVB and start to work with it. I have V4.06 firmware.
I already test command list you supply and it working nice.
I only use TCP/IP client socket to receive and send data. Also I use DHCP.
I was wondering if you have firmware with option to send and receive data from socket in AT mode and not transparent mode.
This will make my life easier and faster in terms of software changes because in the previous component I was working only in AT mode.
Actually I need few AT commands to make very easy migration to your chip:
1.Open TCP/IP socket
2.Close TCP/IP socket
3.Send data (I specify the size of packet) .
4.Receive data (I specify the size of packet) .
5.Check socket status .
6.Check if LAN exist.

Hi support can send me a duplcoate reply as I am also doing the same thing above