Undocumented Sn_SR statuses or comm error?

We occasionally read the following socket statuses from Sn_SR: 0x10, 0x11 and 0x1B. Are these legitimate or do they indicate communication errors?

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Sn_SR value is right.

I should tell you about Sn_SR value.

0x10 : This status is sending the SYN packet.
0x11 : SYN packet already sent and is sending SYN+ACK packet.
0x1B :This status is just before the CLOSE status and next status is CLOSE status unconditionally


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I got this datasheet and I don’t know why doesn’t have the values you are talking about
is that another version?
is my version older?
could you give me the actual datasheet version? please

w5500_ds_v106e_141230.pdf (1,6 MB)

Sn_SR(0x10,0x11,0x1B) is changes if you just wait and we don’t specify the datasheet
And latest version of W5500 datasheet is V1.0.8.
=> w5500_ds_v108e.pdf


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Odd. When I open that link I get datasheet v1.0.7 rather than v1.0.8.

Page 65 refers to 1.0.8. I suspect this one is 1.0.8 without properly modified headers and titles.

Ver. 1.0.8 19MAY2017

  1. Corrected Driver Level Range Unit uW/MHz to uW (5.5.3 Crystal Characteristics) (P.60)

I also experienced the other unknown states from S0_SR, and they are 0x01, 0x02, and 0x03.

My chip version is 4.

I could not find these states in the latest specification ver 1.0.8, so has anyone experienced any state as mine?

Thanks in advanced.

Dear @irina_kim ,
5 years after the initial question, it seems that those status codes are still not documented.
I am working with a W5100S and I receive the 0x11 status code from time to time. There is no mention of this 0x11 code in the datasheet. Nothing is mentionned in the newest version of the W5500 either. I would advise to update the documentation.