Undocumented Sn_SR statuses or comm error?

We occasionally read the following socket statuses from Sn_SR: 0x10, 0x11 and 0x1B. Are these legitimate or do they indicate communication errors?

Sn_SR value is right.

I should tell you about Sn_SR value.

0x10 : This status is sending the SYN packet.
0x11 : SYN packet already sent and is sending SYN+ACK packet.
0x1B :This status is just before the CLOSE status and next status is CLOSE status unconditionally


I got this datasheet and I don’t know why doesn’t have the values you are talking about
is that another version?
is my version older?
could you give me the actual datasheet version? please

w5500_ds_v106e_141230.pdf (1,6 MB)

Sn_SR(0x10,0x11,0x1B) is changes if you just wait and we don’t specify the datasheet
And latest version of W5500 datasheet is V1.0.8.
=> w5500_ds_v108e.pdf


Odd. When I open that link I get datasheet v1.0.7 rather than v1.0.8.

Page 65 refers to 1.0.8. I suspect this one is 1.0.8 without properly modified headers and titles.

Ver. 1.0.8 19MAY2017

  1. Corrected Driver Level Range Unit uW/MHz to uW (5.5.3 Crystal Characteristics) (P.60)

I also experienced the other unknown states from S0_SR, and they are 0x01, 0x02, and 0x03.

My chip version is 4.

I could not find these states in the latest specification ver 1.0.8, so has anyone experienced any state as mine?

Thanks in advanced.