W5500 Interrupts

I read the datasheet of w5500 and understood the following below.
The protocol i am using is TCP.

  1. To enable socket n interrupt, i need to set SIMR and Sn_IMR registers.
  2. The interrupt is asserted based upon the value of Sn_IR register which is set by socket APIs.
  3. The interrupt is cleared by writing 1 into the particular interrupt bit of Sn_IR register.

Tell me whether my understandings above were correct or not.

With Thanks,
Hari BabU T D.

Hi, haribabutd.

1, 3. you understood correctly.

  1. I don’t understand your statement.
    Interrupt is asserted by action of chip(packet received, time out occur) and you know it by reading Sn_IR register or signal of INTn pin.

Best regards.