W5500 with AG9705-2BR

Hello everyone,

My senior design team and I are working with the Pocket Beagle Board and have a Wizclick from Mikroelectronika. We have had great success using the click during the bread boarding stages of our project, but our final solution uses the AG9705-2BR POE converter. Previous teams in the past that have attempted to use the W5500 in their solution have had difficulties once they solder the device to their PCB. I am also having similar difficulties. Before I order my second PCB, I wanted to get some feedback from this forum regarding my design.

I’m planning on using the BEL 0826-1X1T-GH-F RJ-45 with magnetics.

If this pdf uploaded correctly it should be my W5500 with AG9705-2BR POE module circuit.
Beta W5500 Circuit.pdf (1.4 MB)

My main concerns are:

  1. RC circuit on RX and TX lines.
    2.Capacitor size. I am using 1608 mm capacitors for decoupling. Are these appropriate for the W5500 or do I need to go down to smaller capacitors.
    3.Leaving the RSVD pins floating. Would this cause the W5500 not to work or will adding a resistor connected to ground on the RSVD pins just improve EMI.


Please refer to the following link for W5500 related circuit.

Please refer to the manufacturer of AG9705-2BR for POE related circuits.