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## Hardwired TCP/IP Chips ##

iEthernet is the Ethernet controller chip that includes hardwired TCP/IP Core & MAC (&PHY).

For more information, please refer to TCP/IP Chip Product Comparison Table

Dear All

I want to design an interface to a FPGA. This FPGA will output in 16bit data, D0-D15. The data will will be sent to a WIZ145 board (W5300 + ARM32). The data will clocked from the FPGA to the ARM 32 at a data rate of 10MHz. The data file size will be variable, but known. I would like the handshake between the FPGA and the ARM32 to be simple. The ARM32 should handle all of the network protocols/stacks/ARPs transparently to FPGA. Has any used the WIZ145 to do this?

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